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About this Wiki

Russia Watch is a collaborative project for documenting Russian domestic and international propaganda efforts, and the dissemination of this propaganda. In addition, Russia Watch monitors Russian State interference in the internal political affairs of other States, including influencing elections and political parties either directly or through propaganda. These techniques go by multiple names in the media, usually "Hybrid Warfare".
For more information, see the FAQs.

Russia Watch aims to document the following:

  • Domestic and International propaganda efforts by Russian State-Controlled or heavily State-Influenced media, such as the output of RT. This includes fabrication of fake news stories and conspiracy theories.
  • Deliberate dissemination of this propaganda, even in instances where those repeating it are not aware of it's origins and/or fabrication.
  • Russian State interference in foreign Elections or political procedures, including the funding of political parties.
  • Information that provides historical or political context to covering the above topics.
The purpose of documenting this is:
  • Provide information on the propaganda techniques used in general.
  • Provide direct information about individual information sources and their propaganda dissemination.
  • Reduce the effectiveness of documented propaganda by revealing it's origins and purpose.

Anyone can contribute to Russia Watch, but we have a few policies that new contributors should read before they make any edits. Comprehensive information for contributors is available here.

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